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The Vintage Guide To London | December 14, 2017

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Win tickets to Bugsy Malone

Win tickets to Bugsy Malone

Update – this competition is now closed. Get your splurge guns at the ready as Alan Parker’s world famous musical BUGSY MALONE is about to hit London.

This April, Fat Sam’s Grand Slam comes to Hammersmith to reopen the Lyric after a 20 million pound redevelopment. Olivier award-winning director, Sean Holmes, will bring to life the first professional production in over a decade with a cast of exciting young talent.

With electrifying choreography and featuring all the classic songs from Oscar-winning writer Paul Williams including Bad Guys, My Name is Tallulah and So You Wanna Be a Boxer.

Join Bugsy, Blousey and Tallulah for an unforgettable theatrical experience. Get booking today because, as Fizzy knows… tomorrow never comes.


To be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets to Bugsy Malone at Lyric Hammersmith, answer the following question correctly:

Who played Tallulah in the original 1976 film version of Bugsy Malone?

A) Carrie Fisher
B) Jodie Foster
C) Tracey Ullman

Leave the correct answer as a comment below and make sure you include the date of the performance you wish to come to. Terms and conditions apply*

*Terms and conditions

1. Entries must be submitted via comment and entry is restricted to one per person. Once submitted, entries cannot be amended in any way.
2. The prize is pair of tickets to see Bugsy Malone at Lyric Hammersmith, Lyric Square, King Street, London, W6 0QL. Suitable for children for 6+. Tickets valid for April 29, April 30, May 5 or May 7, 2015 only.
3. The winner will be drawn at random from all entries received by the closing date. 4. Competition will close on 27 April 2015 at midday. 5. The winner will be contacted by email. Should the promoter be unable to contact the winner, or should the winner be unable to accept the prize, the promoter reserves the right to award the prize to an alternative winner, drawn in accordance with these terms and conditions.
6. The prize as described is available on the date of publication. Should the prize become unavailable, a substitute of equal value will be provided.
7.Tickets are subject to availability and may not be available for first performance preference. Tickets to be collected at the box office and cannot be resold or transferred.
8. The winner may be required to participate in publicity.
9. Events may occur that render the prize draw itself or the awarding of the prize impossible due to reasons beyond the control of the Promoter and accordingly the Promoter may at its absolute discretion vary or amend the promotion and the entrant agrees that no liability shall attach to the Promoter as a result thereof.
Promoter: The Vintage Guide To London


  1. Julie Burton

    She was played by Jodie Foster.

  2. Lena Weber

    Hi Julie,
    Which show date would you prefer?

  3. Amy Leyshon

    B) Jodie Foster April 30th

  4. Michael clyma

    Jodie Foster

    May7th, my wedding anniversary, please

  5. Lisa Clyma

    Jodie Foster

    May 7th, please

  6. Nicole

    Jodie Foster
    22/05/2015, please!

  7. Nicole

    Sorry, I meant 05/05/2015, please!

  8. Jenni

    b) Jodie Foster
    May 7th please

    Thanks 🙂

  9. hayley moran

    B Jodie Foster

  10. hayley moran

    May 7th -inset day for election so could go 🙂

  11. Emma Green

    Jodie Foster April 30th please

  12. Daniel Hayward

    B Jodie Foster
    April 30

  13. Jenny

    Jodie Foster

  14. Michelle Banks

    B) Jodie Foster 2nd may if possible x

  15. laura stewart

    Jodie Foster April 30th please xx

  16. Paula Barker

    Jodie Foster May 5th please


    B) Jodie Foster

  18. Jodie Foster any weekend please

  19. michelle smith

    B) Jodie Foster April 30th

  20. Hannah barker

    Jodie Foster. May 5th would be great, thanks

  21. Donna Daugherty

    B) Jodie Foster
    Good luck everyone x

  22. Donna Daugherty

    forgot to say 29th or 30th April please

  23. Chris

    B) Jodie Foster

  24. Joanna Orr

    One of my favourite films and they all looked like they had sooo much fun making it! Jodie Foster play Talullah! the 5th of May would be great!

  25. Michael Bull

    Jodie Foster
    May 5th

  26. Lynda Pace Avery

    Jodie Foster.

  27. Carolynn Woodland

    b) Jodie Foster

  28. Liam Conlon

    Jodie Foster


  29. Linda Kearns-Jesson

    B) Jodie Foster
    April 30th please 🙂
    Loved this film when I was a kid. I actually just made a mix tape CD in the last month, for my car and put ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’ on it 😉

  30. wendy stanger

    b) Jodie Foster
    May 7th please

    my fav film off all time – I used to know it off by heart I had seen it so many times!!

  31. Melissa

    Jodie Foster. 29th April please

  32. Charlotte

    Jodie Foster. I played Tallulah in my school performance when I was 10!
    June 8th would be great

  33. donna l jones

    Jodie Foster.

  34. carla maloney


  35. Lesley

    Jodie Foster 30th April 🙂

  36. tilly c

    B) Jodie Foster,
    & would pick tickets for may 7th if possible….!

  37. Gareth Watkins

    B) Jodie Foster

  38. John Seaman

    B) Jodie Foster

  39. michele dean

    B) Jodie Foster-30th April

  40. richard Dobinson

    Jodie Foster

  41. Jan Roberts

    Beautifully acted by Jodie Foster

    May 5th, please . . . my birthday eve !

  42. Ben Audsley

    B) Jodie Foster April 30th

  43. Lynda Dawson

    B.Jodie Foster

  44. Bernie Tyrrell

    B) Jodie Foster. I’d be able to make any date, but would love April 30th.

  45. Ray Becker

    B) Jodie Foster

  46. Sarah Goodman

    B) Jodie Foster

  47. Jay L

    B) Jodie Foster
    May 5th

  48. Carla Morbey

    Answer: Jodie Foster
    May 7th 🙂

  49. Lyn West

    Jodie foster – May 7th would be great please

  50. val young

    B) jodie Foster May 5th please

  51. Martin Allen

    Jody Foster – 5/5/15

  52. Amanda-Judith Danso

    It was Jodie foster and the date that suits me is April 30th thanks

  53. Sarah Birkett

    B) Jodie Foster, may 7th

  54. Rachael Simmons

    B) Jodie Foster – May 5th would be lovely 🙂

  55. Jo Carroll

    B) Jodie Foster
    May 5th

  56. Evelyn orton

    Answer: Jodie Foster

    May 7th please 🙂

  57. leanne weir

    Jodie Foster

    May 7th, please

  58. Alison

    Jodie foster
    may 7th please 🙂

  59. elaine stokes

    B) Jodie Foster 7th may

  60. B) Jodie Foster. May 5th

  61. teresa sheldon

    B) Jodie Foster

  62. Alex James

    Jodie Foster 7th May please

  63. Alison Lucas

    b) Jodie Foster

  64. Carly M

    Answer – Jodie Foster

    May 7th

  65. davina williams

    played by Jodie Foster

  66. Allan Fullarton

    B) Jodie Foster

  67. Eve Burke

    B) Jodie Foster

  68. tina renn

    B) Jodie Foster

  69. Minnie15

    Jodie Foster – May 7th 🙂 x

  70. John Mcgovern

    B) Jodie Foster

  71. Wendy Becker

    Jodie Foster
    May 7th please

  72. Farrah buckhoree

    Jodie foster
    April 30th or May 5th please

  73. James Donovan

    B) Jodie Foster

    The 5th May please

  74. Mark Ottaway

    B) Jodie Foster May 5th Please

  75. gemma nisbet

    B) Jodie Foster 07/5/15 please. (I asked for 22/05/15 in my previous comment… please delete)

  76. Veronica Lopez-Smith

    B) Jodie Foster April 30th please.

  77. Jamie Berwick

    Jodie Foster!! – May 7th Please

  78. Beth Castle

    B) Jodie Foster May 5th PLEASE!!

  79. Georgie Aronin

    B) Jodie Foster

  80. Jodie Smith

    Jodie Foster and May 5th please.

  81. Andy Campbell

    B) Jodie Foster

  82. David Fuentes

    B) Jodie Foster April 30th

  83. Sue Cornish

    jodie foster

    may 5th

  84. Karis

    B) Jodie Foster

    May 7

  85. Sally Turner

    Jodie Foster

    May 7th Please

    I remember seeing this at primary school, Fab!

  86. Cheryl

    Jodie Foster

  87. Vicky Yaxley

    Jodie Foster x

  88. Mr James Holyland

    Jodie Foster/ may 7th

  89. B. Jodie Foster

  90. Kim Wallace

    Jody Foster

  91. Nicole Timmerman

    B) Jodie Foster
    Any Fri, Sat or Sun after June 6th


    B) Jodie Foster

  93. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    B) Jodie Foster