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The Vintage Guide To London | December 17, 2017

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Win a pair of tickets to see The 39 Steps!

Win a pair of tickets to see The 39 Steps!

Follow our handsome hero Richard Hannay in this blissfully funny comedy thriller featuring four fearless actors playing 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun.

Complete with stiff upper lip, British gung-ho and devastatingly beautiful women, The 39 Steps is a must see!

Win a pair of tickets to see The 39 Steps! (now showing at The Criterion Theatre, Piccadilly Circus, London W1V 9LB).

To enter the give-away simply leave a comment below. The lucky winner will be drawn at random at midday on Friday 4th April 2014. Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability. Prize is valid Mon-Thurs until 30th April. Prize is as stated and cannot be transferred or exchanged. No cash alternative will be offered.
Good luck!

39 steps


  1. Jessica

    I would absolutely love to see this!!

  2. michelle banks

    great prize! fingers crossed !

  3. natalie zindani

    How amazing, be a great show!

  4. Valerie Harbut

    Here’s hoping!

  5. Michelle Austin

    Great prize.

  6. Sandra Lane

    If the stage version is as good as the films it will be a wonderful experience. Fingers crossed!

  7. Elizabeth Ferguson

    Thanks for running the prixe

  8. Rob Steele

    I would love to see this on a stage – the film is one of the finest films ever made and the book has no equal. Yep this would make my heart beat

    Fabulous competition

  9. Chris Cosmas

    Look Great

  10. Amber Griffiths

    My dad’s been dying to see this, I’d love to take him to London to watch it!

  11. What more fun can you ave in 100 minutes. Just spiffing.

  12. sheena a.

    If I had 39 fingers to cross for luck I’d cross them all to see this play !!

  13. Sara Davis

    Have only seen the film would love to see the show too πŸ™‚

  14. Julia Linsley

    One of those longest running things you always want to see ….

  15. Gill Barwood

    The 39 Steps is probably my husband’s favourite book. I’d love to surprise him by winning this and taking him with me!

  16. Kathy Cakebread

    would love to see this

  17. miriam isaacs

    always wanted to see this , but never quite made it, so , fingers crossed

  18. Nicolas Cosmas

    Super great to watch, The Thirty-Nine Steps is an adventure novel by the Scottish author John Buchan.

  19. Phillip Roseman

    A Classic and I still haven’t read or seen it what a great prize to win

  20. Lisa Marie

    Count me in for the draw!

  21. Sarah Davies

    I’d love to see this. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!

  22. Louise Anderson

    love to see this show

  23. Andrew Eades

    Lets hope!

  24. shirl grover

    Would love to see this

  25. Dru Thomas

    It would be ab fab to see this

  26. Liz

    Thirty nine wishes !

  27. Sarah Forrester

    A wonderful show in a beautiful theatre – what more could you ask for !

  28. Bruce Chopping

    I’d see this show again (again) in a heartbeat!

  29. denise jenkins

    It looks like great fun! Love the vintage-looking poster too.

  30. Andrew Bailey

    Would love to see this show with my wife

  31. tony machin

    Would be a great prize to win x

  32. Mr richard rogers

    i would love to win

  33. Graham marriott

    Love to see this I remember watching the original film of it great entertainment

  34. Maria Sack

    Yes please.

  35. Kerry-Ann Stanley

    Great prize

  36. Andrea Peace

    Loved Richard Hannay when I read the novel – would love to see it brought to life on the stage

  37. lucy stacey

    love to take my mum to see this!

  38. Would love to see this play have heard lots of good things about it.


    Always wanted to see it but haven’t managed so far!

  40. kelly brittle

    great giveaway.i have my fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  41. david cavender

    Would love to see this production-really love all the films of it.

  42. Karen francis

    It would be a real treat to win the tickets. Fingers crossed

  43. Michael Clyma

    Patrick Barlows written a classic, looks awesome,,would love to see it, its had great reviews

  44. sharon williams

    Would love to see this. Many thanks for the opportunity.

  45. elaine stokes

    nothing better than a great show in london

  46. tim bennett

    saw the film years ago. and a tv adaptation. would love to see the show

  47. Helen Mayson

    Read reviews about 39 Steps it looks absolutely amazing xx


    Amazing prize!!

  49. Sheree

    Oh this would be such fun!

  50. Sarah Cooper

    Would love to win this!

  51. Mike Martin

    just seen the original 1930`s film – love to see this version

  52. Lisa Fletcher

    Would be a lovely way to spend my birthday. Thanks for the chance to win.

  53. Charlotte Moody

    Wonderful performance!

  54. Rebecca Powell

    I’ve always wanted to see this!!!

  55. Siobhan Rowe

    Would love to take my son to see this.

  56. Ian Palmer

    Love the film and book, would be interesting to see stage show.


    An absolute classic

  58. Louise Settle

    Would be a fun night out… Fingers crossed!

  59. Natalie Gillham

    My Birthday’s the day before so would love to see this as a birthday treat πŸ˜‰ x

  60. Penny Ford

    Great competition. Thank you

  61. Anne Alexis

    Great comp!

  62. Lorna Cox

    Love these plays where people play more than one role, keeps you on your toes, and usually very funny. Have wanted to see this for a while. Fingers crossed.

  63. Chris Fletcher

    I’d love to watch this! Count me in

  64. Christopher Fletcher

    Brilliant prize

  65. Laura Grimsley

    Would love to take my Mum to see this!

  66. what a show. What an opportunity

  67. Lauren Ironside

    Looks like good old fashioned fun – just the ticket!

  68. Alex

    What a great prize and I hear great things about the play

  69. Reg Vandra

    Great prize

  70. Paul Williams

    Great prize I’d love to see the show

  71. Sarah Forster

    Pick me!

  72. Teresa Sheldon

    loved the book loved the film and would love to see this

  73. Debbie Preston

    This is on our list of shows to see so would love to win and tick it off the list

  74. Neil Steward

    I say, this sounds like a jolly good night out. A spiffin story, 3 dashing chaps and a gorgeous damsel. Hope I get to see it.

  75. Pam Gregory

    Looks like a great show!

  76. Chris starr

    I have read some amazing reviews about the 39 steps and would love to win the chance to see it.

  77. Stephen Rigby

    Sounds like fun

  78. Sheri Darby

    I’d love to see this

  79. Georgia Wilson

    It would be amazing to win this prize. I’d love to see it!

  80. Angela Young

    “I know what it is to feel lonely and helpless and to have the whole world against me, and those are things that no men or women ought to feel.”(Richard Hannay) So winning this would make me feel a whole lot better πŸ™‚

  81. Patricia Owen

    A friend went to see the play and she says it is very funny and very cleverly done with only four actors. It sounds a treat – good old-fashioned fun.

  82. John Mcgovern

    I love this show. Can’t wait to go.

  83. Harriet Connor-EArl

    I would love to this show!

  84. Pamela Cook

    I remember the original film so would love to see this and see a modern take on the book!

  85. Gerri Tennant

    Tickets for this would be a great excuse to visit my daughter for a girly weekend.
    We both love the theatre and would relish this production.

  86. Sara Band

    The gift of a pair of tickets would enable me to drag my husband away from his TV and out into the real world!

  87. gillian oreilly

    it would be great to go to the theatre to see this show I haven’t been to the theatre for years

  88. Lucy james

    Yes Please , I love the theatre and London

  89. ash

    me please!!!

  90. Sandra Goodson

    Spiffing! What-ho, toodle-pip, looks a jolly good romp! Thanks for sooper dooper prize.

  91. Eleanor Jones

    I would love to win!

  92. Tina Downs

    Yes please – I’d love to come ‘toot sweet’

  93. Caroline Etherington

    My friend told me this is a brilliant show!
    I would love to see it!

  94. alan clayton

    John Buchan at his very best. Can’t wait to see the show

  95. Sharon

    The perfect night out!

  96. Hannah Ingham

    Me please!

  97. Bee HUNT

    Been wanting to see this show for ages!

  98. Donna Cary

    Would really love to see this show.

  99. Anne KIAZ Brookes

    This looks like a great show

  100. Ms colleen Thomas

    Would Love This , a great day out for me

  101. Mike

    Great night out.

  102. Emma Green

    I would love to win this!

  103. Lee

    I think I could manage 39 steps, to the seat.

  104. Sally

    Can I have 39 entries? No, ok, hope this one is the winner.

  105. Gwen

    What a great Easter treat this would be.

  106. Adam

    Please let me win.

  107. rachel richardson

    WOW Pick me!!!!!

  108. John Seaman

    Fantastic prize, yes please

  109. Kerri Francis

    yes please πŸ˜‰

  110. Derek

    Love it

  111. Matthew Chilvers

    I would love to see this never seen the 39 steps before

  112. gelati

    This sounds good.

  113. sakina

    Would like to win this.

  114. f seeds

    Hope I win πŸ™‚

  115. Martin Allen

    Great show