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The Vintage Guide To London | December 18, 2017

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Win an IWM Fashion On The Ration prize bundle!

Win an IWM Fashion On The Ration prize bundle!

To celebrate the opening of Fashion on the Ration, the Imperial War Museum London are giving The Vintage Guide to London readers the chance to win a pair of tickets to this major new exhibition, which marks the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.

Not only that, but you will also receive a special Fashion on the Ration make-up bag and pocket mirror, which are exclusive to the exhibition.

IWM London’s major new exhibition Fashion on the Ration (5 March-31 August) looks at how fashion survived and even flourished under the strict rules of rationing in 1940s Britain, often in new and unexpected ways. The exhibition explores how men and women found new ways to dress as the rationing of clothes took hold, revealing what life was really like on the home front in wartime Britain.

To enter the competition simply leave a comment below.

1. The competition closes on Friday, 20th March at midday.
2. Prizes cannot be exchanged for their monetary value or other IWM London products or events.
3. The Winner will be selected at random from all entries received.
4. The competition is not open to IWM employees.
5. The winner will be contacted after the competition closes by the IWM London or by their appointed representatives.
6. If the winning entrants cannot be contacted after reasonable attempts have been made, the IWM reserve the right to stand that entrant down and select another winner.
7. The IWM’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
8. The IWM reserves the right to alter and/or cancel the competition without any prior warning.
9. All personal data submitted with consent will be kept by the IWM for the purpose of sending out the prize.
10. The competition is open to UK entrants aged 16 and over.

Good luck!



  1. Lynn Jackson

    Wow what an exciting opportunity to check out WWII fashion…. Bring on the Vintage Style

  2. Sam Kronis

    Necessity is the mother… and all that.

  3. Really looking forward to seeing this 1940’s collection at the IWM, as I am lucky enough to own a fabulous ‘ration’ black swing coat which I adore. Hopefully, it will help everyone to appreciate how clothing should be something to value, and not just throw away after one wear!

  4. Emilia Zagnoli

    hello soldier!
    Sounds amazing!

  5. Mrs SewandSew

    I’d love to go and see the exhibition – I’ve been looking forward to it for months!

  6. Lydia

    Definitely going to see this!

  7. Kirsty

    I would love love love to go to this! A real education on IWM Fashion and makeup!

    Exciting! 😀

  8. Claire Lackford

    Looks like a great exhibition. I hope I’ll be able to make it down to London to come see it.

  9. Stasia

    Ooh, I’d love that! Either way it’s a must-see exhibition.

  10. What a fabulous exhibition!! Count me in!! x

  11. Carolyn Collins

    Vintage, classic style, love it…

  12. iain maciver

    fantastic yes please

  13. Lisa Hickling

    Fantastic. I can indulge in three of my favourite things, history, sewing and vintage fashion. Best prize ever!!!!

  14. Jordan Sach

    Would make my fiancée’s day!

  15. Susan Hunt

    Sound good

  16. Rachel Butterworth

    Great gift for Mother’s Day.

  17. Jessica Powell

    Fingers crossed!

  18. laura stewart

    lovely prize xx

  19. Helen Stratton

    This exhibition sounds fascinating.

  20. chris parham

    sounds great

  21. Kerry-Ann Stanley

    And yet they managed to look so great 🙂

  22. Samantha Woodlock

    I would love to go and see this, I love 1940s fashion

  23. Fiona Benson

    I have heard good things about this exhibition and need to get down there as soon as I can.

  24. dorothy cavender

    i would love to see the exhibition-looks great.

  25. Lauren Old

    Can’t wait to see this!

  26. Lynne Collins

    Waste Not Want Not should still hold good today!!

  27. donna l jones

    lovely prize

  28. Spencer Broadley

    Would love to go

  29. denise jenkins

    I would love to see this exhibition. Fashion on the Ration, it must have been tough!!

  30. I’m definitely old enough to know that “vintage” suits me and I’d love the chance to wear some WWII fashion!

  31. Sarah Norgrove

    Such a fantastic exhibition

  32. Natalie Gillham

    I would love to see this as I have a keen interest in women’s history, thanks for the chance 🙂




  35. Mark


  36. barbra

    Would love to take my 87-year old mum to see this

  37. Lucy Hill

    This exhibition looks incredible-yet again the I.W.M. has come up trumps. 🙂 I am just dying to see it and have told all my friends and family about it with not very subtle hints on my Facebook, lol! My little sis lives in London, so I’d have a sofa to stay on if I was lucky enough to win and two wardrobes *full* of vintage clothes and accessories just begging for an outing. She may not know it but I’d force herto dress up too. Mwahahaha!

  38. Tim Woolfenden

    Maybe I’m a saddo but I yearn for those years of the 40s. I know it wad a time of war and great uncertainty but Christ it was still better than the horrible World we live in now. I often lie in summer fields and stare up at the blue sky and just imagine myself back in those times..

  39. G Brown

    No doubt this exhibition has been put together with the IWM’s usual flair and style, definitely a ‘must visit’.

  40. Paul Walsh

    The exhibition looks incredible I shall definetly be checking it out

  41. charlotte

    One of my first sewing attempts was a ‘make do and mend’ skirt my nan showed me how to make from a curtain. Would love to get some more ideas from the exhibition!

  42. Lynn Fullarton

    Definitely going to see this! Great.

  43. Donna Caldwell

    Would love to go to se this, think it would be great

  44. Kerry-Ann Stanley

    Great prize and show

  45. Susan Hoggett

    the show sounds great

  46. what an amazing prize – would love to win and take my mum to have a look at the exhibition 😀

  47. Wendy Guy

    What a great prize and what a great way to learn more about this amazing time in our history.

  48. Sharon Griffin

    i can`t wait to visit this brilliant exhibition as i find the whole subject of fashion on a ration so interesting and am always amazed to hear of how resourceful and inventive the people were when life was so hard. truly inspiring exhibition .

  49. Wendy Becker

    We will be there

  50. Kieran Walsh

    Going, to see the exhibition, my parents married in 1948, and tales of make do, my Mum and family made, her wedding dress

  51. Sarah Swainsbury

    Fantastic giveaway. Good luck everyone x

  52. becki amie smith

    now this would be a dream come true for me eeekkk everything crossed

  53. sandra ralph

    oh wow i would love to see this

  54. Natalie Crossan

    Would love to see this x

  55. Liz Halliwell

    Great prize, just visited IWM in February half term and was really disappointed to be too early for this exhibition! Great day at the museum though.

  56. Jill Fairbank

    Would love to see the exhibition

  57. Karen Watson

    Those gals were feisty back in the day! Would love to see this exhibition.

  58. Sheri Darby

    Sounds perfect

  59. olivia Kirby

    I’m in London in a few weeks time so this would be something I’d be really interested in seeing. I love history and have a keen interest in fashion so we’d love to attend.

  60. Kate Cass

    What a fantastic giveaway, loving the vintage, loving the style, beautiful, classy, wonderful!

  61. Chris Fletcher

    Count me in!

  62. Fiona

    This exhibition has got my name on it.

  63. claire little

    looks fantastic, and thanks for the competition.

  64. Cat Culmer

    Great prize

  65. victoria thurgood

    wow sounds great

  66. Kim Styles

    My teenage daughter is really interested in wartime fashion, hair and makeup- this would be perfect for her –


    Lovely prize!!!

  68. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    fantastic, would love to win this.

  69. David Price

    Love to win this for my wife

  70. Kirsty Woods

    Great prize, fingers crossed

  71. Tricia Cowell

    Fantastic giveaway 🙂

  72. julie booth

    lovely prize

  73. Carol Sadler

    I am going to this exhibition whether I win tickets or not! Plus, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on the other interesting exhibits at the IWM. See the 40’s fashion, wander around the museum, lunch out – perfect day!

  74. Nicole

    Lookin forward to seeing this. It’s so inspiring how we used to make do with so little!

  75. Margaret Lee-Roberts

    I can just remember rationing, as it ended in the 50s. I am a post war model though! This exhibition sounds so interesting and something the younger generations find hard to understand.

  76. I can’t wait to see this .

  77. Matt Brasier

    fantastic yes please

  78. lyn truman

    real inventive style. love it!

  79. Karen Howe

    Love the 1940s, sounds like it could be such an insight into war time fashion! Fingers crossed