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The Vintage Guide To London | January 19, 2018

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Win a DVD & poster of Anthony Asquith’s Underground

Win a DVD & poster of Anthony Asquith’s Underground

Restored by the BFI National Archive and featuring Neil Brand’s new orchestral score, Anthony Asquith’s silent masterpiece Underground (1928) is coming to DVD and Blu-Ray for the first time.

A subterranean tale of love, jealousy, treachery and murder, the film evokes the daily life of the average Londoner better than any other film in Britain’s silent canon.

This scene was filmed at Waterloo Station!

To celebrate the DVD release we’ve got a copy of the film and beautiful theatrical poster to give away. To enter, simply leave a comment below. The winner will be picked at random at midday on Monday 17 June. There is no cash alternative. Good luck!

More information and pre-order your copy


  1. Claudia

    I love this film! I saw the restored version at the BFI a few months ago. It’s one of my favourite silent films.

  2. Neil

    And not a rucksack in sight!

  3. Oh I’d love to see this film it sounds great!

  4. Spencer Broadley

    Looks a good film – never seen it before

  5. Becca Allen

    Looks fantastic – what a great prize.

  6. Geeves

    What a delicious gift …

  7. Andrea

    Missed seeing this at the BFI last year – would love to get my hands on a copy. Fingers crossed!

  8. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    I love these old films, it really describes an era

  9. Mary Baldwin

    How smart they all look – that was my Grandma’s heyday and she was in London and worked on the stage, so always wonder if she’s one of the extras in these films.

  10. How elegant that era was. Not sure I would see an attendant cleaning the barriers these days. I would love to see this film, must check out if it’s at the BFI any time soon.

  11. Lynne

    Wonderful film. Lovely to see it at BFI. I think of it every time I pass through Waterloo station and my partner is still trying to figure out exactly where that set of escalators would have been.

  12. Julie Cuthbert

    The costumes, the soundtrack, compliment each other perfectly. Would love to see this film.

  13. Ian

    Great film! Count me in…

  14. Paul

    Another film from the golden age. Bring back the silent films! Can you imagine if they made a silent film today?

  15. Ah! A classic film with beautiful cinematography remastered brilliantly. A true flash back to a time of elegance, class and glamour during 2013, the year of the our rekindled love for the Great Gatsby and the golden age of the silver screen. Magical!

  16. Mark

    This film sounds good. I would like to see it so heres hoping I’m the winner!

  17. Lesley

    A great way to really see what life was like then, would love to see this

  18. Helen

    Ohhhh, fantastic giveaway! 🙂

  19. Lucinda

    Would love these!