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The Vintage Guide To London | December 14, 2017

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Vote now: The Vintage Guide to London - Best of 2011 Awards

Vote now: The Vintage Guide to London – Best of 2011 Awards

London is without a doubt the place to be when it comes to vintage – the capital is chock-a-block with brilliant vintage shops, venues, club nights, bars and cafes. To celebrate vintage in London and to highlight the achievements of this thriving, independent retail scene, The Vintage Guide to London is introducing its annual ‘Best of’ awards.

There are 10 categories to vote in ranging from ‘Best vintage cafe’ to ‘Best menswear shop’, all voted for entirely by the public. Here’s how it works:

Vote for your vintage favourites by either clicking on one of our suggestions or submitting your own entry. You will only be able to vote once per category. Voting will end at midday on Monday 4 July 2011. Once the top five nominations for each category have been established, there will be a second round of public votes to select a winner. Winners will be announced on Monday, 8 August 2011.

Happy voting!

Round Two
We have reached round two of voting and there are now five finalists in each category. Behind each entry you can see the number of first round votes. These will still count for the final mark-up but keep voting for your favourite until votes close at midday on 8 August. It’s a real neck-on-neck race in some categories so please keep your votes coming in!












  1. Thank you so much for the nomination Lena! We are over the moon to be included x

  2. We’re happy to be one of the nomination choices. Thank You

  3. thank you for nominating us, delighted ! x

  4. Thanks for including us in the poll xx

  5. Thank you for including Drink, Shop & Do in your nominations it put a BIG smile on our faces, fingers crossed!

  6. thanks for the nomination & keeping a vintage life style alive & kicking proud to be a part of it! from LadyLuck & BlackCotton club. x

  7. Would you consider adding a category for online vintage shops?Or should I include those in Best Vintage Shop (other) ?

  8. Lady Luck and Black Cotton are The Best !

  9. Lena

    Hi Katie,

    Really good point! We’re generally currently not listing any online shops on the Guide – the site is really meant to showcase the best vintage the city has to offer, I’m not sure how online shops (which are by there very nature not location specific) would fit in. I’ve been fretting over this for ages though, so who knows, maybe there will be a way of inlcuding online only outlets in the future. For now it’s only actual shops though -both on the site and as part of the Awards – I’m afraid.



    Black Cotton rules!

    xAuntie Maureen

  11. Dear Lena,

    thank you very much for listing us in the poll. We are all very excited about it and I would also like to thank everyone who voted and is voting for Nina’s Hair Parlour although in the town of approx 7,779,709 people we should ALL win for waving the almighty vintage flag!As each and every business listed is special and unique. It saddens me though that one of the original vintage hangouts Hula Boogie that hosted many amazing parties at South London Pacific in Kennington wasn’t included in a club night section.
    Good luck to everyone!!

    Nina and the team

  12. Sheri

    Nina’s Hair Parlour is quite simply the best Vintage Hair and Make-up Salon. They can do any era from 30’s marcel wave to a 50’s beehive and beyond. The amount of time and effort they lavish on you is amazing. You don’t leave the parlour until they are happy with the way you look. The best confidence boost going, bar none. Good luck ladies!

  13. Julie

    Black Cotton and Lady Luck are two different clubs nights with different music policies so why are they nominated as one? that already doubles up their votes….

  14. Lena

    Hi Nina,

    Glad you like the Best of Awards! The four suggestions in each category are just that – suggestions. It would have been impossible to suggest every club night or shop that deserves to be mentioned, the lists would have been exhaustive! But that’s where the ‘other’ button in each section is for, simply nominate who you think should win. At the moment there are a few cases where a reader suggested entry is ahead of the four listings. Once this round of voting finishes on 4 July we’ll list the 5 top-voted entries in each category for a final vote-off – so it’s all anyone’s game at the mo!


  15. Julie

    Hi Lena, the other thing is Lady Luck hasn’t actually had an event since december 2010!

  16. Excellent! Just voted :)xx

  17. Lena

    Hi Julie,

    Yes I noticed, argh, I meant Lucky 7. As it says Black Cotton too, I do hope people understand. I don’t really want to change it now retrospectively as it could look like I’m meddling with the votes.


  18. Emma

    hi. how come WHAT THE BUTLER WORE aren’t one of the listed nominations? they’re the best vintage shop in the world – great hand-picked items (not straight out of some american warehouse), and staff that really know their onions (and you can have a good laugh with them too). Love this shop!

  19. Lena

    Hi Emma,

    As it is explained in the ‘how it works’ section of the awards, the four suggestions under each category are just that – suggestions, NOT nominations. This is why there is an ‘other’ button for people to submit their own favourites.

  20. Julie

    Lena- even if it said Lucky 7 the music played at each of those clubs are totally different – so the votes are already meddled with as you put it as people who like only swing (black cotton) will have voted and those who go for the wider variety played at the other club also vote for the same nomination like I said before the votes are already not representtive and stacked in their favour. if the nominations were for the promoter then it is understandable , but it is not , it is for the club night and each is very different.

  21. Lena

    Julie, ok I have now changed it to Black Cotton to make things 100% clear. If anyone who has voted in this category until now isn’t happy about their choice, then they can contact me (either by leaving a comment or using the contact form) and I can either not count their vote or change it for them.

  22. Lena

    Oh and if you look properly you’ll see what the butler wore are nominated! 😉

  23. Suzie

    SO glad Victory Vintage are nominated. I absoutely LOVE their shop in Whiteley’s, one of the only vintage shops where I’ve actually found VINTAGE as apposed to retro rubbish. I hope they win!

  24. Thank you soooo much Lena for nominating us. What an honour!x

  25. Odell Marshalek

    This is certainly a wonderful write-up. Thanks for making the effort to describe this all out for all of us. It’s a great guide!

  26. Can’t understand why you have a website promoting Vintage and list reproduction vintage suppliers while at the same time not even mentioning PORTOBELLO’S famous VINTAGE MARKET on Friday down under the Westway and it ARCADES and street MARKET near Westbourne Grove on Saturdays. This has always been the heart of real Vintage London where true vintage can be found. All the trade, the designers, collectors and the fashionistas regularly shop at PORTOBELLO, It is the most established place in LONDON for vintage since the 70’s and has been a famous antique market since Victorian times so surely its worth a mention?.

  27. BLACKCOTTON LUCK7 CATBEAT all fall under the banner of LADYLUCK as well as LADYLUCK club nights of its own. you will find that the crowd also cross over from BC TO LL.
    just to make it clear, to all.
    thanks you to all cats & kittens who have voted for us and supported Ladyluck productions for over the last 10 years.keeping it vintage! EL Nino x

  28. julie

    Hi Nino
    I love your clubs and have huge respect for what you do – the point I was making was the award is for are for club nights not the promoters!. Each of your nights have a different vibe and music policy. They are different clubs and though there is some cross over there are a lot of people who would got to one and not the other. My issue was that it they should be listed as a separate club nights. Anyway.. lots of luck and keep flying the vintage music flag ! :0

  29. julie

    Hello Flick
    Lena has already mentioned you can vote under other for anyone who is not nominated under each section.

  30. Andrew

    Enjoying following these awards but I’d like to make 3 suggestions for next year’s contest which I hope might help.

    Firstly there are quite a few varied categories for vintage shops and the whole vintage retail experience but just the one for clubs. How about next year dividing this category into a few, such as by genre eg: Swing, R’n’R, Lounge, mixed etc or decade: 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s or such things as new club, established, burlesque etc. I myself have particular tastes in music and vintage entertainment and so would be interested in voting for more than one type which may be the case with other voters as well. I also think the large choice of clubs in London are the cornerstone of the various vintage scenes in London and this would show everyone’s appreciation for all of the organisers and promotors hard work over many years in bringing London such variety.

    In relation to this I think a category for individuals might be an idea as some people have added so much but in more than one way. As an example, say somebody who over the years may have run different style clubs or run stalls, produced fanzines etc or just helped or encouraged the growth of vintage London. I would suggest that it might be best in this category in particular not to list an individual to vote for, just to have it open to the voter’s own experiences.

    Lastly just a quick suggestion that there could be seperate hair and beauty categories.

    Hope these thoughts help, keep up the good work.

  31. Sara

    Will my original vote still be counted when you move into the second round of voting or do I have to vote again 🙁

  32. Lena

    Hi Andrew,

    I agree it woudl be nice to have more than one club/music section. We’ll have to have a think how we could do this without ending up doing 20+ awards though.

    Love the individual/vintage person section – consider it included next year!

    As for vintage hair/beauty, again something worth thinking about!


  33. Andrew

    Hi Lena,

    Thanks for the quick reply, glad you went for the individual section. I’ve known many people over the years who have put so much in and had so much passion, recognition of their efforts would be really appreciated, thank you.

    I thought when I made my suggestions that it could be difficult not to let the catagories take over and you’ve suddenly got a crazy amount to have to organise. Whilst typing this I suddenly thought, oh but what about performers, bands, vintage vehicle garages, record shops! Sorry I’d better stop now.


  34. Lena

    Hi Andrew,

    Absolutely agree with you, it would be nice to give individual people some recognition.

    Exactly, where do we stop? 🙂


  35. Hi Julie,

    your knowledge of the LadyLuck seems to be up to date
    i presume you do a vintage night yourself for bring up all your comments since you know who i am can we all know who you are?
    kind regards

  36. Lucy

    I love Victory Vintage. The girls in the shop are so polite and really know their stuff, and one of them was on the apprentice on TV! they have loads of amazing designer pieces, victory vintage FTW!

  37. LIZZY G.

    what a great idea, just voted, thank you

    LIZZY G.

  38. Hi Lena, thank you so much for shortlisting Shikasuki!

    Thank you to everyone that has voted so far!

    From all of us at Shikasuki

  39. Andy

    re: “there will be a second round of public votes to select a winner” do we have to vote again or does this vote actually count?

  40. Lena

    Yes, all the votes from the first round will still count.

  41. Thanks to all the supporters of vintage south of the from all the Brixton Village retro traders!

  42. Good idea. and PLEASE DON”T VOTE FOR US.
    That’s Going for a Song Vintage Market and Pub Jumble.
    We’re not in it for the plaudits, we’re in it for the cool times and the good people.
    (Disclaimer: please note that next year, we may say different.)

    Next market, Saturday 2nd July – come jumble!

  43. Cant tell you how delighted we are to be nominated…thanks so much sx

  44. Hallo Julie i see from your silence of non response to my comment you wish not to be known who you are?
    EL Nino

  45. LOVE best the shows at Chelsea Town Hall and Lavender Hill (arts ctr).

    Wonderful people, great items. Been attending these for many years.

  46. Keltikween

    It is great to be able to vote in these awards but must say that I agree some ‘tweaking’ needs to be done next year;-)
    I agree with Julie’s original comment that the ambiguity of having two seperate club nights included in one choice of vote was not the best idea and feel it is more fair now that you can vote for an individual club night.
    Perhaps next year there could be a category for Best Vintage Promoter alongside the Best Club Night??
    It is a shame to see El Nino making remarks and almost ‘calling out’ Julie. I can only say if he does not know who Julie is then he knows less than he should about his competitors. I am pretty sure I know and I am only a punter:-) I do not believe there is any concealment of identity going on here simply an elegant refusal to be drawn in any further.
    Keep up the good work all you promoters of all things vintage, you do a great job and there is room for you all:-)

  47. HI Keltikween,

    with your comment not knowing who Julie is of course i could guess but that wouldn’t be fair just like me not knowing who im talking to.
    yes of course to all promoters keep up the good work making London vintage capital

  48. Keltikween

    You do not know me El Nino and have never met me, so there would be little point telling you anything else:-)
    As to your point of ‘fairness’ could you direct me to the text/ rules that state while in an online forum you must disclose your exact identity or it will be considered unfair or is that simply your opinion?
    To be frank you never know who you are talking to on an online forum, I could call myself anything, pretend to be anyone…I simply do not choose to put my actual name in this virtual world as is my right:-)
    Whoever Julie is, I admire her for not responding when she clearly has no need to.
    Wishing you every success with your promotions El Nino, if that really is you;-)

  49. Lena

    Guys – I really don’t want to have to moderate comments. This isn’t a forum, it’s the comment section on a post on an online city guide. I understand the points you are both making but please do keep it on topic! Thanks!

  50. Apologies you are right.
    el nino

  51. I think the second round of public votes is a bit confusing-does everyone have to vote again????

  52. Claire Cross

    You’re doing an amazing job Lena! It’s such a tough one, keep up the good work! x

  53. Kenny

    What an amazing site, this gets my note for best site – cheers.

    Also worth checking out (on-line only though)

  54. What no Best Vinyl Shop?
    On The Beat In Hanway St!

  55. Keep up the good work Lena! Hope you’re well my dear….
    Any time you wanna come to Paris don’t hesitate.. You can sleep in my home boutique and wake up to some vintage shopping!! Taraxx

  56. Missy

    You should have an online category! I vote for

  57. Lena

    Hi Missy, since the Vintage Guide doesn’ feature online shops we also won’t have an online category.

  58. How about vintage events companies? is marvellous!

  59. Please have a look at Mela Mela in Teddington, it is definitely the best vintage shop for quality vintage clothing specializing in 1920s to 1960s women’s clothing. They have an amazing stock of fabulous dresses, hats, jewellery, wedding dresses and accessories. Check them out. They have a website which shows a small selection of their collection.

  60. Scott

    First let me say i really like this site. But, this voting idea seems totally pointless, it’s not going to inform anyone of the best shop, bar or club. That’s all subjective anyway as people have their faves for different reasons. The poll winners will be the ones who have pushed and advertised and asked people to vote, hardly a democratic system as some don’t, they operate more discretely and hardly advertise and certainly don’t beg for votes.
    By the way, i have no bias, i’m not voting at all.

  61. Lena

    Sorry everyone – but because of the increased rudeness of the comments submitted to this post, the comment section is now closed.