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The Vintage Guide To London | December 17, 2017

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New vintage shop in Crouch End: Painted Black

New vintage shop in Crouch End: Painted Black

Crouch End still has surprisingly few vintage shops so it’s welcome news that new vintage store Painted Black has opened its doors just off easy-to-access Park Road. Specialising in vintage womens and menswear, home deco items and cameras, Painted Black is easy to browse and well-laid out with a great selection of handpicked stock.

There isn’t much early vintage here but you will find pieces from the Fifties onwards. If Sixties and Seventies are your thing, you will be pleased to find many excellent items from crochet capes to brightly coloured shift dresses and a great selection of jackets and shirts for men.

Prices are excellent too, think £100 for a Jean Varon evening dress or £15 for a deco tea pot. The shop also offers an in-house seamstress, as well as its own repro clothing line – you can even come in, browse their archive of vintage patterns and then have your favourites made to measure. In-store events such as Fifties make-up masterclasses promise to make Painted Black more than just your average shop.

Painted Black
22 Veryan Court, Park Road
Crouch End
London N8 9PN

Nearest Tube:| Crouch Hill
Google Map

Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri:      Midday until 6pm
Sat:                 11am until 6pm
Sun:                Midday until 6pm




  1. Micky

    Popped in here on a stroll through Crouch End this weekend and was instantly put off by 3 tin boxes for sale I had seen for sale brand new in cheapy nick nack shop Tiger the other day. The boxes are part of Tiger’s new spring/summer collection so are not even a years vintage and sold on at more than treble the price I think this would make me wary of parting with my cash for anything else here!

  2. ARRrrrrrghh. We had no idea! A gentlemen brought them in for us to buy off him. We thought they looked quite cool, so took them off his hands! We had no idea they were from Tiger, indeed we’d never even heard of it before your comment, Micky.

    We’ve taken everything he sold us off the shop floor.

  3. Denise

    I love this shop!! I grew up living above this shop, and I’m gutted I don’t live so close by any more- though I think for the safety of my bank balance this is a good thing!
    There are some gorgeous items in here, and I’ll definitely be treating myself to a made-to-measure piece soon 😉

  4. Chloe

    I think the person who was put off by the tiger tins, could have quietly mentioned them to the owner before posting in comments……I think it’s a fabulous shop

  5. ALBA

    It is about time there was a shop in London dedicated to Vintage clothing. The items in this shop are unique and Have a true sence of class to them. Hope the shop does well… I’ll be visiting again very soon…

  6. Rockalilly

    Surely as a Vintage shop owner, you would know a vintage item? Confused as to why sell notably new tins? Sorry, as a Vintage lover, feel quite sad that unsuitable items would be sold in a ‘Vintage’ shop. P.S. plan on visiting very soon. Have been told I must take a look. 🙂

  7. Moe

    I love this shop, great warm feel while you peruse through classic items. Owner is so friendly and approachable, even her dog has sense of style. Just a shame I have to travel from South London.