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The Vintage Guide To London | January 19, 2018

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Our Vintage London: Elle & The Pocket Belles

Lil Rae of Sunshine, Lil Loopy Laura, Elle, Michaela Oohlala, Lil Cutie Pie Kimberley

This week Elle & The Pocket Belles share their favourite London vintage shops, events and places.

The Vintage Guide to London: Tell us a little about yourself

Elle & The Pocket Belles: Hello, we are Elle & The Pocket Belles, a Forties/Fifties inspired all female quintet.  I am Elle and let me introduce you to my Pocket Belles- Lil’ Cutie Kimberley, the sweetheart of the group. As well as her being gorgeous, and her sweet vocals, her name is derived from calling her cutie-pie as she is always baking for us, providing delicious nibbles to get us through our rehearsals.
The aptly named Lil’ Rae of Sunshine hails from Australia and is always bright and bubbly, with a smile on her face, beaming like the sun.

Lil’ loopy Laura is actually the smallest Pocket Belle but you would never know it because she is also the loudest and craziest of the bunch! But this is why we all love her.  Lil’ Michaela-ooo-la-la is named this simply because she drives men a bit crazy. You cannot blame them! The absolute stunner from Derry in Ireland is a force to be reckoned with; her perfectly petite frame produces an amazingly powerful low jazzy voice.

We perform classic hits from the Forties and Fifties as well as putting our own swinging twist on contemporary popular songs.

The Vintage Guide to London: Why do you like vintage?

Elle & The Pocket Belles: I love how classy and sophisticated I feel when I am dressed in our vintage outfits.  The shape and fitting of the clothes subtly oozes sex appeal.  I also love the hairstyles of the Forties and Fifties. However, the Victory Rolls and big curls have been a challenge for my long straight hair!

The Vintage Guide to London: What are your favourite London vintage shops?

Elle & The Pocket Belles: Our favourite shop is Diamond Dolls Boutique who made us bespoke Forties  playsuits! They also have a salon as part of the shop and do vintage hairstyles and create wigs.  It’s fantastic, check them out on Islington’s Camden Passage.  We also love the Rockalily Rockette Red Lipstick.  Red lipstick and red nails are an essential for Elle & The Pocket Belles.

The Vintage Guide to London:  Do you ever go to vintage events? If so, which ones would you recommend?

Elle & The Pocket Belles: There are many cabaret and burlesque nights that we attend – we perform regularly at The Carter Rooms monthly Burlesque night.  The Blitz Party is fantastic for fans of the Thirties and Forties and Prohibition for Twenties.  The Churchill War Rooms have just started hosting an evening inside the WW2 Bunker called After Hours, we performed at the first ever one.

The Vintage Guide to London: What are your favourite vintage places in London?

Elle & The Pocket Belles: We have spent many a sunny Saturday browsing Camden Passage market for vintage treats- its a really eclectic mix of vintage clothing, antiques and places to get pampered!

The Vintage Guide to London: What’s the one vintage thing you’d recommend?

Elle & The Pocket Belles: Come to an Elle and The Pocket Belles gig of course! Aside from that its well worth visiting some of the vintage fairs that take place around the city- they’re a great opportunity to check out fabulous clothes and accessories as well as meet other vintage fans!  We are attending the Summer Pop Up Vintage Festival at St Stephen’s in Hampstead on Sunday 24 July. Maybe see you there? Just look out for the tall brunette and four pocket beauties!