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The Vintage Guide To London | January 20, 2018

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My Vintage London: Colin Reed - The Vintage Style Doctor

This week Colin Reed, actor and personal vintage shopper known as The Style Doctor, shares his top tips on vintage shops and places in London.

The Vintage Guide to London: Who are you, and what do you do?

Colin Reed: My name is Colin Reed and from now on I am also Vintage Style Doctor. I am an actor, with credits in movies, global commercials, plays in London and theatre tours throughout Europe. As The Doc, I am now also London’s first vintage personal shopper and style consultant for men.

The Vintage Guide to London: Why do you like vintage – or in other words, what does vintage mean to you?

Colin Reed: One of the reasons I act is that I love the costumes. Not just for aesthetic purposes, but also for the way they can make me feel. I feel like a totally different person with short Forties  hair, neatly trimmed moustache and a Dinner Jacket to how I might feel with long hair, a beard and flares. Variety and versatility are what I look for in my roles and in my clothes.

The Vintage Guide to London: What are your favourite London vintage shops?

Colin Reed: I am terrible with the names of shops. I have worked for Rokit(in store and in the warehouse) for years, mostly in the Brick Lane store. There are many other shops in the area that I love, but few that I can name. For excellent Mod repro though, I can definitely recommend Mendoza.

The Vintage Guide to London: Do you ever go to vintage events? If so, which ones would you recommend?

Colin Reed: Vintage events are something I am still quite new to. I love old looks and old styles, but I have always found it a little fetishist when people try to live out the past. I am in a process of revising that view at the moment. I attended Vintage at Goodwood last year and although I don’t think they quite hit the mark, it did open my eyes to a number of possibilities as to how these things can be done both authentically but without excluding those with more of a passing interest.

The Vintage Guide to London: What are your favourite vintage places in London?

Colin Reed: Cheesy as it is, London itself is my favourite vintage place. On almost any street, there is incredible architecture from a variety of eras to be seen. It amazes me every time I raise my eyes above the sign on a brand new Tesco or Gamezone or Phoneshop to see the wonderful old building above it.

The Vintage Guide to London: What’s the one vintage thing one should do in London?

Colin Reed: As much as people say it has lost its appeal and isn’t what it used to be, The Stables Market in Camden still has to be seen by first-time visitors. It is also well worth veterans popping back occasionally, because there are still some wonderful traders there selling excellent vintage.