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The Vintage Guide To London | December 17, 2017

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Start voting: The Best of Vintage London Awards 2012

After last year’s inaugural Best of Vintage Awards, we’re back for 2012. To start with, we’re opening up the nominations to you. Simply fill in the form below and tell us who you think should win each of our categories.

The nominations will be open for two weeks until midday 26 April. Then, from the 30 April we’ll short list the top three in each category for you to vote for your winner! We’re hoping to have a glittering awards ceremony later this year where the winners will be announced.

Please remember, the shops you nominate must have a retail outlet in London – be it a stall at a fair, a shop, someone selling/working from their living room!

Terms and conditions apply. All decisions are final.

Voting has now closed


  1. Becky timbrell

    La belle jolie in crystal palace is amazing everyone must go!

  2. Paulo

    Please make sure this year that furniture & fashion are not in the same category.. Clerkenwell would have won the 2011 vote otherwise and deserved

  3. Hand selected vintage mens and womens wear. No need to sort through all the dross in other stores. Ian and Ian carefully choose the best pieces to put in their store. Great friendly atmosphere as well. Worth a visit when you are next in Brick Lane.

  4. Pat

    hey Paulo: ‘bad attitude comes to mind’… What are you on about anyway???

  5. La Belle Jolie is always top of my list for vintage hair and make up, I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

  6. Jules

    Freddies of Pinewood for best London Based Repro brand. The best reproduction clothing all patterned from original 1950’s and 1940’s clothing. No nasty polyester or stretch denim used.

  7. Go check out for vintage womens wear – shop is located inside Old Street Station and then come back here and vote for them 🙂

  8. Kerry

    La Belle Jolie- brilliant vintage hair and make up. Ruby helped make our Crystal Palace Fair and Local Fashion Show a huge success!

  9. Paul Fellowes

    Best vintage menswear/womenswear find in London is Hunky Dory in Brick Lane hands down!

  10. Dita

    top of my list for designerwear is House Of Liza!

  11. Ruth

    Freddies of Pinewood for me, love the jeans, fabulous in every aspect. Fit perfectly, very flattering and realistic prices too.

  12. Julie

    Just to clarify does the best makeup/hair and repro brand have to have a physical shop too?

  13. Lena


  14. A shortlist of 3 is too brutal, I would like to see 10 choices per section. Except for Best New Vintage Shop where I can only think of one… How new is “New”? Less than 12 months old?

  15. Patricia

    A great place for cakes and salads.

  16. Paul robinson

    Painted black has items that are hard to find. The clothing there is unique. Love this shop and the shop dog.

  17. Nog ger

    The lady there is lovely she has a good eye for vintage clothes.

  18. Jimi Tang

    Past Caring (Essex Road) is my favorite for Vintage furniture. Sometimes worth looking at Judith Chalmers & Daughter in Primrose Hill too. Tann Rokka (Primrose Hill also) is a great place to sit and drink-in the atmosphere.

  19. Judith Michael and daughter is like a treasure trove

  20. Ms M

    Fingers crossed for William Vintage.  Loved Judith Chalmers in the 80s; she certainly rocked a 2-piece. Anybody know where to get hold of genuine 50s British smoking paraphernalia (ashtrays, long-holders, and “my doctor recommends…”)?

  21. I’m pulling for William too. Since Judith Chalmers admitted to going commando on our teatime screens I have loved her more than ever before. In her prime wearing glorious florid blouses, little else, beautiful brown limbs, JC’s 2-piece was a rare treat. For ciggy chic try Baccy Bygones.

  22. Nicky Sheehan

    Earl Grey & Roses in Streatham Hill

  23. Freddies of Pinewood for the best jeans ever! They are so flattering, just LOVE!

  24. Sally Sunshine

    I am looking for a 50s Chemise (NOT babydoll).  Where is good to go? Anywhere in London is fine.

    Saw Chalmers Jr recently on morning TV.  Got her mother’s twinkle :0  The son was on the celebrity jungle thing but I don’t like to see insects massacred, so no idea if he’s as good.

    For the Chemise I am ideally looking for a modern size 12 but could squeeze into a 10.

    My man is looking for a tight fitting tango outfit from the 1980s.   Browns and blacks preferred.  Slim fit 28″ waist.  (For body type think Lionel Blair in his prime, although sadly he’s not quite as fancy-footed).

  25. Lena

    This Shop Rocks might have some!

  26. Mike

    Thank god there are women out there for us Lionel-look-alikes!!

    As a tip for those londoners with trim bods and no shame, watch out for the wardrobe clear-outs from the Royal Opera House. Last years event saw a choice of costumes from Lohengrin, Duke Bluebeard’s Castle, Erwartung, Maskarade, Don Carlo, Parsifal and The Sleeping Beauty.

    I don’t agree with ciggie chic. Ciggies kill. Don’t agree with fur coats and stoles either. Vintage or not, an innocent life was lost.

    I read that Judith Chalmers is coming back to British TV soon. I am glad her family are doing well.

  27. Hunky Dory
    226 Brick Lane
    London E1 6SA

    The Best!