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The Vintage Guide To London | February 18, 2018

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Travel back to the 60s with a Soho vintage walk

Travel back to the 60s with a Soho vintage walk

Travel back in time to London during the Sixties with a Back In The Day Walk through Soho. Specialising in London-based guided walks, tour guide Barrie Greene – who was part of the Soho crowd during the Sixties himself – will take you back to the heartland of Swinging London, a place and time he himself remembers very fondly, back then he heard the music, he wore the clothes, he went to the clubs.

The walk will take you around Soho visiting the birthplace of British rock and roll, the street that turned the fashion world on its head and also to the sites of the various influential discotheques and clubs of the day. You will see  some evocative and historic photos of the time and you’ll hear many personal anecdotes.

A fab way of reminiscing the good old days or discovering London’s not too distant past.

Back In The Day Walks

Soho Walk, two hours, £10, book now.
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  1. syd vaughan

    i was in soho during the 60s and used to use the tis coffe bar, the music box on panton street, the rockingham club in rupert street, the amabassors club,the two decks, the mandrake the colony club , the all night huntsman, of course we had the pubs as well the red lion , the prince rupert, the white bear, the french house, the tis was where tommy steel was discovered but there was so much more from the rich to the the artistic and the con man, it was a tapestry of the 60s and it was great.

  2. Lena

    Ah Syd, it sounds like an amazing time!

  3. syd vaughan

    wonder if Beverly is still working at the café royal and my great friend franquie Garcia lived in Battersea,if they are around would love to hear from this is syd from the krays time not many of us left now,

  4. syd vaughan

    tony winters are you still out there, remember me syd Vaughan 60s music box