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The Vintage Guide To London | December 18, 2017

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Teddington vintage highlight: Mela Mela

Teddington vintage highlight: Mela Mela

There would be no real reason for anyone to head all the way to Teddington’s blander than bland highstreet if it wasn’t for vintage shop Mela Mela.

The shop, which specialises in Twenties to Seventies womenswear and accessories is a rare gem, stacked full of incredible, hand-picked pieces so rare and exquisite they are worthy of a red carpet or at the very least one hell of a party.

Delicate, mint-condition Twenties dresses start at about £205, but if you are prepared to go for something a little less adorned you could get a flapper tunic for as little as £80. The same goes for the other decades, intricate and heavily detailed dresses start at around £150 upwards but day dresses – all stand-out with their rare patterns, colours and fabrics – start as low as £35.

Add to this an equally excellent selection of vintage jewellery, hats, handbags and swimwear and you have what has got to be one of the best vintage womenswear shops in all of Greater London. If you are ever looking for that special dress, this should be one of your first stops.

Mela Mela

Monday to Saturday

74 High Street
TW11 8JD

Nearest Tube: Teddington Rail
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  1. GrandpaJoe

    As a resident, I take great exception to the writer’s sneering description of Teddington High Street as ‘blander than bland’. Unlike many cloned towns, with their identical chains, we have a very high proportion of independent retailers – including a diverse range of womenswear shops.

    Mela Mela is just one of these. It hasn’t been open very long, and clearly only came to Teddington in the first place because of the independent vibe, created by the hard work of other businesses on the street, over many years.

    I suggest that anyone who is interested in individuality of style and choice, should come to Teddington and see for themselves. You’ll find a real cluster of working independents – no sterile Westfields here.

    As for the writer, I suggest that in future they stick to their familiar haunts of Camden and Shoreditch, and not make airy declarations about an area they clearly know nothing about.

  2. carole

    Totally agree that Teddington has lots to offer and Mela Mela is one of its many highlights, including several other fabulous women’s boutiques and loads of fabulous restaurants and coffee shops. I visit teddington when I want a bit of retail therepy, great service and a bit of pampering. Oh and retro restaurant does the best food ever.

  3. Isabelle

    Oh I love Mela Mela! Bought my vintage prom dress there and spend most of my wages from my saturday job there. Teddington High St is great though and not bland at all.

  4. Charlie C

    As the owner of a thriving independent cafe/ bar in Teddington a High Street I also feel that calling our high street bland is totally unfair! We have some great local indie shops and eateries here working hard to bring something unique to the area .
    Perhaps the writer should revisit the area.