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The Vintage Guide To London | February 22, 2018

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Take the Steamboat Bordello for a special Coney Island trip

Coney Island – from 1830 to 1970 the pleasure garden of New York City and spiritual home of the sideshow. Hundreds of millions of thrill-seeking city dwellers rode the subways and steamboats from the downtown precincts to thrill in the illicit pleasures of the beaches and amusement parks where barkers, talkers, racketeers, roustabouts, back-alley photographers, sellers of patent medicines, ladies of negotiable affections, geeks, freaks, weirdos and showgirls abound…

* SEE! The Amazing Dog-Faced Boy!
* OGLE! The Sequinned Showgirls!
* THRILL! To the Amusements – Everybody Rides!
* MARVEL! At the Headless Girl – All the Way from London!
* GASP! At the Terrifying Man Eating Chicken!
* WONDER! At the Beautiful Freaks!

Paddle Steamer Steamboat Bordello takes a trip down the Coney Island Creek (River Thames) and through the gates of the run down amusement arcade, into a semi-mythical dreamworld populated by shades of showgirls and scam artists, long dead lovers, festering fortune tellers and the spirits of a lost age of entertainers.

The beautiful Mississippi style steamboat and fully functioning venue sets sail from Tower Pier at 5pm on a Sunday afternoon. You will sail first upriver to Battersea and then head downstream to the Thames Barrier and beyond, taking in some of London’s most iconic sites from a unique viewpoint to the strains of wildcat vintage music. Filled with sideshow entertainment and the capital’s finest selection of lushes and ne’er-do-wells, this five hour odyssey of oddities is a decadent debauch not to be missed.

100% of profits donated to Charities Rebuilding Communities and Supporting Riot Victims

Steamboat Bordello
28 August