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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Here's our shortlist: who should win the 60s Mad Men dress? You decide!

We’ve recently joined up with amazing vintage shop Juno Says Hello to give away a fabulous Sixties vintage dress. All our readers had to do is dress up in the style of Mad Man and channel their inner Joan, Betty or Peggy. Well, we’ve shortlisted the best entries so here’s over to you – who should win the Sixties dress? You decide, so vote now!

Entry number 1: Laura

Entry number 2: Emma

Entry number 3: Jasmine

Entry number 4: Beatrice

To cast your vote simply leave a comment with the name of the entry you think should win! Voting closes at midday on Monday, 21 March.


Tadaa and the winner with a huge majority of votes is: Beatrice! Congratualtions!


  1. I adore the little suit with oversize collar Laura is wearing, so she gets my vote. But all the girls look fab!

  2. Misstiki

    Beatrice gets my vote! She looks so glam in the beautiful chinese inspired vintage dress.Love her hairstyle too!

  3. I feel Laura is chanelling her inner Mad Mistress the most. That dress is lovely!

  4. Misstiki

    …wish I had seen this sooner…I would have entered!! πŸ™

  5. Laurika


  6. Yasmin Butt


    That is a lovely, lovely dress

  7. MrsExeter

    Beatrice – absolutely wonderful!

  8. karen


  9. ElCachone

    definately beatrice

  10. Pia

    Entry No. 4: Bea. She is the best!!! πŸ™‚ x

  11. anna

    Entry No. 4 Beatrice!
    lovely dress!

  12. Icka_2

    #4 Beatrice all the way!!Best photo and hair!!

  13. No 4; Beatrice!

  14. Darcy

    Beatrice!! VERY beautiful dress.

  15. Jan

    Beatrice all the way! Looks the most 60Β΄s to me!

  16. Carmencitab


  17. Joy


  18. I proudly cast my vote for my friend Beatrice, one of the world’s great beauties!

  19. Beatrice! What great style!

  20. lori


  21. Sherri


  22. Emily

    Beatrice for sure. She looks so glamorous!

  23. catherine


  24. Robert

    Beatrice for sure!!

  25. I think Beatrice’s dress is divine – she’s got my vote!

  26. I’ll vote for Beatrice – such a lovely dress!!

  27. Helen

    Definitely Beatrice, the dress is AMAZING!

  28. Beatrice!

  29. I vote Beatrice! But all the ladies are lovely πŸ™‚

  30. Katja


  31. Charis

    Beatrice! She looks amazing!

  32. Beatrice’s Dress is beautiful, she definitely gets my vote

  33. Sarah

    Beatrice πŸ™‚

  34. Sofia

    I vote for Entry #4, Bea

    Her vintage inspired dress is beautiful! Definitely something that I would want to wear

  35. Anisha

    beatrice for sho!!!

  36. Bre

    Beatrice hands down evokes such a beautiful image.

  37. anna

    beatrice number 4

  38. anna

    beatrice (number 4)

  39. BEATRICE!!! πŸ™‚

  40. Jane

    Number 4! Beatrice!

  41. Audrey

    Beatrice should totally win!

  42. Emilia

    Most definitely Beatrice! The dress is something I’d love to wear myself both on and off Mad Men! πŸ™‚

  43. nightowl_72


  44. Harry


  45. Nitika

    Entry Number 4: Beatrice Fab designs!

  46. Sophie

    I’m voting for Beatrice – she looks lovely – the dress is gorge!!!

  47. Jo Wilson

    Vote for Beatrice

  48. Cyndi B

    Beatrice for sure…….

  49. Laura

    Beatrice for sure!

  50. pam

    Number 4 definitely. Beautiful

  51. #4 – Beatrice πŸ™‚

  52. ian benham

    Entry number 4: Beatrice

  53. Evelyn


  54. Entry number 4: Beatrice

  55. Number 4, but they are all lovely.

  56. Dave


  57. Sophia

    Beatrice #4

  58. They are all beautiful entries but my vote is for number 4: Beatrice.

  59. Betsy

    definately number 4: Beatrice