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The Vintage Guide To London | February 23, 2018

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Seduction classes: become a modern day Sophia Loren

Seduction classes: become a modern day Sophia Loren

With Valentine’s Day over with for another year, many single Londoners collectively breathed sighs
of mingled relief and regret. So, in an effort to reverse the fortunes of those terminally unlucky in
love, Italian aperitivo Sprizzato is launching a series of seduction classes.

Sprizzato’s professional lothario Johnny Cassell will teach gentlemen how to flirt like an Italian Casanova, imparting pearls of wisdom on everything from smooth moves and smart suits, to
romantic meals and sheer brazen forwardness.

The evening’s glamorous vintage pin up seductress, Fleur de Guerre will give the girls tips on channelling old school glamour and transforming themselves into a modern day Sophia Loren. She will advise on make-up and hair techniques and coquettish flirtatious moves, turning unconfident ladies into sought-after signoras, able to bewitch the object of their affections.

The events will feature guest appearances from perfumiers, make up experts, corset and
lingerie makers, burlesque artistes, gentlemen’s barbers and more.

To book a place on the first Sprizzato Seduction Class on March 13th, email
Central & Co
22 Great Marlborough Street,