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The Vintage Guide To London | January 17, 2018

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Retro eats: Mikes Cafe

Retro eats: Mikes Cafe

This bustling café just off Portobello Road is a great place to be the morning after the night before.

The cosy red booths are a good place to sign up for what this long-standing establishment, open since 1962, calls the “Sunday morning hangover crew” – that is, a much-needed Virgin Mary.

The food is fresh and tasty – with as much as possible sourced directly from the neighbouring Portobello Market– and the portions are very generous, just what is needed to bring you back to life at the weekend.

The Breakfast Special includes a fried egg, bacon, two sausages, a choice of beans or tomatoes, toast and a cup of tea, all for the non-London sum of £5.95.

The most popular option, it turns out, is a bit of a vintage treat – liver, bacon and mash with fried onions – while the menu also features other authentic throwback British favourites including bangers and mash, lamb chops and sirloin steak.

Mikes Cafe
12 Blenheim Crescent, London
W11 1NN
(020 7229 3757)

Nearest Tube: Ladbroke Grove
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text & image: Anna Sbuttoni

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  1. adam

    i used to live around the corner from Mike’s and went there all the time. Its the best cafe in the universe. Its also famous as its the cafe in the photo on the sleeve of the Traffic album, “Welcome to the Canteen”