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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Out with the new: three easy ways of introducing vintage to your home

Out with the new: three easy ways of introducing vintage to your home

If you’d like to freshen up your home, forget Ikea and co and head to London’s amazing vintage homeware shops and fairs instead. Here are three tips on how to replace the new with the old:

1) Lighting
One of the easiest ways of adding a vintage feel to your home is introducing vintage lamp shades and mood lights. From sculptural 20s Art Deco lamps to Mad Men-esque midcentury lamp shades and bold 70s fat lava bases, there’s  a light fitting out there for everyone.

Most sellers will sell light fittings in full working order so you don’t have to faff around with repairs.

IMG_39772) Soft furnishings

Be it curtains, cushions, bed linens, kitchen towels or rugs, adding vintage soft furnishings will instantly transform your home. Especially if you’re renting, this is an easy way of adding a bit of personality to a bland, beige property.

There are seemingly endless options, you could go crazy and 60s with a colourful psychedelic print, fun and kitsch with a 50s tropical theme or more subtle with a softer, pastel-coloured 30s look.


IMG_39793) Crockery

Next time you drop a plate or break a glass, replace it with vintage.

You can often stumble across a whole dinner set but you can just as easily pick up just a cup and saucer or a pile of mixed plates.

Remember, things don’t necessarily need to match. A table set up with different designs can look great. If that’s too chaotic for you, go for a colour scheme and only collect blue plates or flower designs.

Where to shop:
Check out our section of London vintage homeware shops, search the directory, and browse through our listings of vintage fairs – many also have sellers specialising in homeware.
And if you’re going to invest some serious money in your vintage homeware, don’t forget to think about content insurance.