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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Blitz Vintage Department Store

Blitz Vintage Department Store

The latest addition to London’s vintage scene is just off Brick Lane on Hanbury Street.

Here, the Blitz Vintage Department Store has set up shop in a old warehouse, spreading over five rooms and two floors. This is clearly an ambitious project aiming to be a one-stop shop for all things vintage from clothing to designer wear, accessories, luggage, bikes and furniture, and the shop also includes a mini book store and cafe.

It’s not quite a department store just yet – the furniture section is a little small, there’s a real lack of homeware and the main emphasis seems to be on later decades. The concept is a neat idea though – being able to shop for period shapewear – Blitz stocks a good range of What Katie Did – at the same time as buying a dress is a significant step up from the usual vintage shopping experience.

If late Seventies to Eighties and early Nineties is your thing, you will love the well-stocked racks full of hand-picked sportswear, trainers and one of the best ranges of vintage Swatch watches you’ll ever find.

For those into earlier decades, the shop is still well worth a visit. Dotted around are some extraordinary pieces dating as far back as the Victorian period, all in mint condition and extremely well priced, think a Twenties opera cape for £70 or a bias-cut, beaded Thirties gown for £85.

The real pull for Blitz is undoubtedly the space. It’s a real treat to be able to shop in a vintage store that’s well laid-out and has properly displayed stock – no sifting through crammed rails here!

Blitz Vintage is run by people who’ve been selling vintage for years, and it shows – the selection is great,  the prizes excellent. With the addition of more early-period stock and an expanding homeware section this will indeed be a vintage department store, it’s most definitely already an exciting addition to London’s vintage scene.

Blitz Vintage Department Store
55-59 Hanbury Street
London E1 5JP

Nearest Tube: Shoreditch Highstreet, Liverpool Street
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  1. Hello! Thank you for writing such a complimentary piece on us! And the constructive criticism is great! We’re still very much a work in progress so any feedback is taken seriously. Check out our blog for updates of what we are up to xx

  2. Geraldine

    I expect such a reputable company like yours to have a refund policy that suits the public, I feel I was reaped off today.I bought some items, changed my mind on them, and decided to return them nearly two hours later, I was told I cannot exchange it for another item, talk less of a refund.Am very saddened by this and feel it is a reap took me three hours to locate your shop as I was directed by a friend , but I had an awful experience and regretted ever coming.I think a credit note would have been manageable . This is the first time in my life in UK I have ever come a cross this type of policy. Please would be glad if I can be contacted regarding this issue.

  3. Chris

    Stumbled across Blitz on the way to Spitalfields market, and had spent an amazing hour there. I was with my boyfriend and there was plenty to keep us both occupied. Items were well-organized, not only by category but also by color; many items were in good to great condition.

    Regarding the previous poster’s grief over the refund policy, I don’t find it unreasonable that a vintage shop doesn’t accept exchange or returns. It’s like sale items, sold as is! The jacket I picked out actually had a small tear on the sleeve, the staff very patiently looked over it with me to ensure it’s something that could be fixed. They then offered a small discount to make up for my having to take it to a tailor. Overall, a great experience!