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The Vintage Guide To London | December 14, 2017

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My Vintage London - Katie Antoniou PR and writer

Katie Antoniou, a freelance PR and writer specialising in fashion, arts and culture, and all-round style maverick, shares her favourite vintage shops, events and the one London vintage place you simply have to go to.

The Vintage Guide to London: Katie, what exactly do you do?

Katie Antoniou: I do lots of things! As a journalist I’ve written for The Guardian as well as lots of online publications. I’ve also written content for vintage websites like Atelier Mayer and I’ve done PR for a number of vintage companies like Vintage Secret and William Vintage.

Through doing freelance PR for artist and musician friends, I accidentally began styling them for photoshoots and performances, often in vintage clothes. I now do quite a bit of styling work; I did a shoot for the Sunday Times Style earlier this year and now source accessories and clothes for singer Gabby Young. I’m also contributing editor of Run-Riot, an alternative London events guide.

The Vintage Guide to London: What does vintage mean to you?

Katie Antoniou: I originally interned at Marie Claire where I found the fashion scene far too serious; everything was lusting after unaffordable designer pieces that no-one could fit into; it all seemed a bit ridiculous. At the other end of the spectrum people were bulk buying from Primark then chucking stuff in the bin after one wear. Vintage just seemed to make more sense, it’s fairer. You’ve pretty much the same chance of coming across a real gem as anyone else, irrespective of how much money you have. And you’re re-using perfectly good clothes.

I’m a huge fan of prints, so even if I can’t fit into vintage dresses, I’ll often keep them just for the patterns.I love that they’re a part of history, it scares me how quickly we forget the past.I’m not one of these people who only wears vintage; I’m far too ‘curvy’ to get into most of it! But I do find that when I buy from the highstreet, I always tend to go for stuff with a classic or vintage shape, good tailoring and a flattering cut. And of course there are loads of great replica vintage prints and styles on sale these days. ‘Vintage- inspired’ fashion and jewellery is absolutely thriving at the moment.

Gabby Young has also got me into upcycling; we keep discovering loads of wonderful jewellers making new pieces out of old materials; like Lucie Ellen who makes brooches and earrings out of vintage china.

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