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The Vintage Guide To London | December 17, 2017

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My Vintage London - Dana Gornitzki, Editor-in-Chief, MIEN Magazine

This week Dana Gornitzki, Editor-in-Chief of etiquette, style and culture magazine MIEN Magazine shares her vintage London, from where to shop and relax to where to eat and party – the vintage way.

The Vintage Guide to London: Who are you, and what do you do?

Dana Gornitzki: I’m not even sure of my title anymore, as I am hybrid of a few. I am a freelance writer and editor, as well as a cultural and social entrepreneur. One day, I could be writing, another consulting on media strategy, and the next concocting a creative project.

A growing focus and passion of what I do is edit and write for MIEN Magazine, a website dedicated to etiquette, culture and style.  When I came up with the idea, the intention was to create a handsome site with a vintage twist yet make the topic of etiquette contemporary, approachable and fun.

As MIEN develops, it will be a lot more about real life events. Recently, I put on the Parlour, which was my vision of what MIEN would look like if brought to life: an eclectic parlour for people to meet up in and escape the fast-paced digital world; lovely art hung on the wall, tea and cordial, there were workshops, short film screenings on etiquette and parlour games…I was really pleased and touched by the response, and can’t wait to put on more events like this – a couple of ideas are brewing…

The Vintage Guide to London: Why do you like vintage – or in other words, what does vintage mean to you?

Dana Gornitzki: Vintage to me is about history, feeling and being proper (sometimes with a naughty, yet always discrete edge) and looking lovely. It’s not that I live a ‘vintage’ life, it more comes down to values and the glamour of days gone by.  I can’t help but think of my grandmother when I need a burst of inspiration – she dressed beautifully until her last day. Her hair always looked immaculate and she wouldn’t dare leave the house without wearing a pretty dress and lipstick.

I often feel like I was born in the wrong era.  Perhaps I’ve been seduced by old films and books that paint a rather glamorous picture of vintage. I’m particularly fond of Thirties vintage, which is obvious when anyone sets foot in my flat.

The Vintage Guide to London: What are your favourite London vintage shops?

Dana Gornitzki: I am in love with auction houses and antique shops – I can spend hours in them, and we are truly spoilt for choice in this town. Maybe it’s because I adore looking at old things – objects that have lived a life (or several). I particularly enjoy strolling through Camden Passage [nearest tube: Angel]and trawling through the stalls for hidden treasures.

Alfies Antique Market is also a favourite as well as the recently revived Brixton Village, a Thirties indoor market. There are a few gems lurking in there, and with vintage you never know what you’re going to get – it’s the best part.

It may sound funny, but the farmers’ and food markets are top spots– there’s something so genuinely old fashioned about them. I love to get a coffee, walk around, and watch people. Borough Market is my favourite, particularly in the winter just around Christmas time. Friday evening, with a mulled wine in hand…it’s perfect.

And if you’re at Borough Market, it would be rude not to head over for a cheeky tipple at the George Inn – a soulful and historic pub dating back to the 17th century. Beautiful.

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