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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Mixing new and vintage: Pitfield London

Mixing new and vintage: Pitfield London

Pitfield London – named after its Shoreditch location on Pitfield Street – successfully mixes vintage and contemporary designer products in a space that is shop, gallery and cafe at the same time.

In the shop half of the space, modern designer home deco like candles, wallpaper or room dividers sit next to handcrafted brushes and dusters.

Dotted in between, you’ll find some real vintage gems: Victorian glass bowls are priced at only £8, Sixties spice containers are as little as £6 and even larger furniture pieces such as a Seventies wicker peacock chair come in under £200.

The little cafe that takes up the other side of the shopspace is well worth a visit too. Pies, salads, sandwiches and cakes are served daily, so are coffees and a selection of smoothies.

While mixing vintage and modern designer pieces is all too often an excuse to hike up prices and sell vintage at a premium, it’s a real delight to find a place with such excellent prices and well-chosen selection of vintage home deco.

Pitfield London
31-35 Pitfield St
London N1 6HB

Nearest Tube: Old Street
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