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The Vintage Guide To London | January 19, 2018

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London Vintage Awards 2014 - the final vote!

London Vintage Awards 2014 – the final vote!

Update: Voting has now closed

You’ve sent through over 600 entries for this year’s Vintage Awards nominating over 60 vintage businesses and entertainers.

It’s time to find out who of the four finalists per category will be the winner of a London Vintage Award. The final round votes are now open until 18 July – so start voting!
Everyone will only have one chance to vote.
Voting will be closed at midday on 18 July 2014
The winners will be announced on Monday 21 July 2014
Any fraudulent entries (such as multiple-entries) will be deleted.
All decisions are final.



  1. Letty Grover

    prudence pear tree’s vintage closet has me raiding my piggy bank every weekend! there’s such a diverse range of beautiful vintage clothing and accessories. pru is a lovely lady to deal with also, a vintage angel!

  2. victoria pearce

    I would like to vote in the Vintage Awards 2014, a friend shared on Facebook. But when I click there is a message saying “You appear to have already taken this survey” – but I haven’t?

    Please can you help – I’d like to share with other friends to encourage voting.



  3. Lena Weber

    Hi Victoria,

    I’m sorry to hear you are having problems voting – I’m not sure why you are having these issues. Have you tried other browsers? Which browser were you using when this issue occurred?



  4. victoria pearce

    Hi Lena,

    I’ve tried from both Firefox & Safari and tried refreshing both browsers.

    Here is the link from both, I wonder if you get the same message?

  5. Lena Weber

    Hi Victoria,

    Sorry, the links work ok for me. Because we would like to restrict everyone to one vote only, voting is restricted by both IP address and cookies – have you tried accessing the link from a different device?


  6. victoria pearce

    Just tried from my i-phone, but same thing. I understand the need for one person, one vote this is only fair. Is it possible that you can find me in the voting system & delete. I tried to vote last night – late & perhaps I clicked the wrong thing? The event I would like to vote for is “Park it in the Market” in Greenwich Market

  7. Lena Weber

    Hi Victoria,

    It might be that you have accidentally already submitted a vote in this case. I’m afraid I can’t find and delete you either, all votes are completely anonymous but I’ll make a note of your vote and will add it to the final results.


  8. Sunny Webster

    Hi Vicky/Lena,

    I too have been having this problem, from every computer in the house, and my iPhone, and I hadn’t voted yet. it wouldn’t even let me see the list of nominations. I thought it was because I had nominated various people, and it was confusing my nomination with my vote. Then my broadband crashed, and when it came back again, I could vote… V strange, but have you tried turning your router off and on again?


  9. victoria pearce

    Hi Sunny/Lena,

    I will try turning my router on & off now and let you know if this works, fingers crossed.

  10. Brian Carter

    Little Nan’s bar is amazing! So much attention to detail – great atmosphere! Tristan is the perfect host! This bar deserves to win.

  11. Brian Carter

    Little Nan’s Bar is great! Very atmospheric . Very friendly and quirky!

  12. Lynn Burgess

    Mean OldTimers Classic Car and Motorcycle Club Greenwich Park It In The Market is brilliant great night out vintage disco, vintage shops and stalls classic cars and bikes and great food what more can you ask for.

  13. Just like to say on behalf of all our Mean Oldtimers CC & MC and all of our volunteers at Park it in the Market thank you for shortlisting our humble little community event. Its tough with no money to do such events regularly and i wish every entrant the bet of luck as all of the events are amazing. Thanks for the recognition, and your always welcome under the roof in Greenwich Market


    Mean Old Timers is a fantastic event held on the last Thursday of every month right in the heart of Greenwich on the covered market. It has built up quite a following and is always earmarked in my diary. It’s a delight to walk around and take a look at the classic cars and talk to their owners, all real enthusiasts. Their are vintage stalls and shops to browse around and its always great to chat with the friendly owners. Refreshments are also on offer and of course there are the pubs close by for those who are not driving!

  15. Jacqui Shimidzu

    Love Little Nans bringing delicious cocktails to South London

  16. Huw Rees

    Voting for The Bluejays in the best band category. If you haven’t seen them yet, you haven’t lived.

  17. Jo-Anne

    The bluejays are the coolest vintage band ever!