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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Gin workshop - learn how to drink the vintage way

A long time ago, gin was not for the faint hearted – it was a harsh concoction made in the bathtub. The old, the young and even the youngest of society drank it so they could forget the horrid lives they lived.

Years later in the late 1820s, the Gin Palace was the place for the young, the hip and fashionable to be seen drinking gin. Lavish chandeliers and ornate front windows marked the dazzling addresse.

In 2010 the Gin Palace has been brought up to date. Brand new design, with current graphic artists being continually featured, Soho’s Graphic Bar is now the location to be seen with one of the largest collections of gin in the UK.

The bar now has been inspired to create a gin master class called The Juniper Society. Every other Monday, a master distiller from an innovative gin brand will host a hands-on workshop that explains the history of the particular gin and offers complementary flavours and cocktail recipes.

The Juniper Society
Graphic Bar
4 Golden Square

Nearest Tube: Piccadilly Circus
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