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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Get dressed up: The Magic Theatre at The Rivoli Ballroom

The Magic Theatre is one of London’s most unique, deliciously glamorous and mysteriously infrequent nights. Created for a happy-dancing, wildly mixed crowd of all romantic inclinations and gender identities, the club night invites everyone to come together to make a grand entrance, to flaunt, flirt and pose in the finery of their choosing in the finest venues London has to offer.

The January night takes place in the glorious Rivoli Ballroom, so think ice maidens, ski instructors and snow queens, deer-stalkers, frock-coats and wicked witches of the north, Snow Whites, snow flakes, The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, galoshes, woolly mammoths, silver foxes ,Venus in Furs, From Russia with Love, glitter, pale blue, pointy shoes and pointy hair.

Alternatively, if you’re sick of snow and in keeping with our principles of complete dressing-up freedom, please do feel free to mix it up. Easter Bunnies, showgirls, safari suits, sapeurs, Seventies Catalogue Men, jokers, Carmen Mirandas, Cleopatras and Queenies – in fact, whatever takes your fancy – it’s all good.

The night will feature cabaret performances of distinction from your host, the Ringmaster Himself, Mr. Paul L Martin, with tortured French chanteuse La Poule Plombée, and the extraordinarily flexible and rather handsome Tommaso Di Vicente.

Dance floor fillers from DJ Kobayashi serving up happy-dancing quality retro cheese with a Balkan twist.

The Magic Theatre at the Rivoli Ballroom
Saturday 29 January
Doors open 8pm until 1am

Tickets £14 via Ticketweb or £16 on the night!