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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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The Fifties Rocker hang-out: Ace Cafe

The Fifties Rocker hang-out: Ace Cafe

The original Ace Cafe opened in 1938 on the North Circular Road in London intended as a transport cafe to truck and lorry drivers.

Once rebuilt in 1949 after being destroyed in a World War II air raid, it quickly became a place where motorbike riders gathered. The riders – the Ton-up boys – who met at the Ace had their own sets of rules and codes, neither understood nor recognized by outsiders. The Ace remained almost exclusively a Rocker hangout until it closed in the late Sixties, Rockers had simply fallen out of fashion.

After being the venue for reunions in the Nineties, the Ace Cafe finally re-opened fully refurbished in 2001. It’s still a mecca for motorcyclists and Rockers from around the world who gather here to share stories. You don’t have to be into motorbikes however to enjoy a trip to the Ace. A great venue for rockabilly and other live music, the cafe is worth the trip to the North Circular. The food is decent and cheap (the burger and chips and all-day breakfast are highly recommended) and although the antmosphere is no longer that of a Fifties biker hangout, enough history remains to make this a very special place indeed.

Ace Cafe
Ace Corner
N Circular Road
London NW10 7UD

Nearest Tube:  Stonebridge Park
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  1. oooh, I wanna go!

  2. Yasmin Selena Butt

    Gone past it many times on the 112 bus on my way to Neasden, one day when I’m not in a mad rush, I’ll jump off to check it out : )