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The Vintage Guide To London | December 18, 2017

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In the Fifties a new wave of rock-n-roll and youth culture from America swept the country and the world. The mix of popular images and music with art and fashion would change the way people dressed – blurring the boundaries of commerce, culture and style.

POP! – a new exhibition at the Fashion and Textile Museum – will explore the impact of music, art and personality on the development of the fashion of the times. From the poodle skirts and embellished leathers of the rockers through to the Punk era, this exhibition will take in the cool stylings of the Mods, the high baroque of Psychedelia and the kitsch glamour of Seventies retro by designers such as Mr Freedom and Miss Mouse.

Highlights will include items from Elton John’s personal wardrobe, purple flares worn by Donovan, the pop-art fashions of Mary Quant as well as Quant’s early modernist pieces from the original Bazaar, and original pieces from Westwood and McLaren’s Sex. Furniture, original posters and graphics and promotional materials will help to set the scene while an “I’m Backing Britain” display will create a dramatic centrepiece.

Exhibition Dates: 6 Jul – 27 Oct 2012
Open Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 6pm
Last Admissions 5.15pm
Closed Sunday and Monday

Ticket Price:
£7 for adults
£5 for students and concessions
£3.50 for Art Fund members


  1. Tanya

    It would be helpful to also provide the address of the venue!!

  2. Lena

    Hi Tanya, Just click on the exhibition link which will take you to the Fashion Museum website for full address and how to get there details.

  3. This is definitely a must see for all those who appreciate the correlation between post WII fashion and design. Can’t wait!