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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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Candlelight Club 1920s Halloween Ball

Candlelight Club 1920s Halloween Ball

Head to the ghostly Twenties ballroom filled with candles and Jack-o’-lanterns otherwise known as The Candlelight Club.

The wild set in the Roaring Twenties liked nothing more than a fancy-dress party, so don your finest Jazz Age Halloween costumes—ghostly flappers, spiderwomen, devils and imps, glamorous vampiresses, dapper wizards and coquettish witches.

They say the Devil has the best tunes, and to prove it there will be dancing to Twenties jazz with a distinctly wicked edge, from those cackling cads the Top Shelf Band, plus vintage DJing from Swingin’ Dickie.

The Twenties and Thirties saw a great interest in the occult and the inexplicable. Spiritualism took off and it became a Golden Age of stage magic, as stars like Thurston, Alexander and Dante filled theatres. To capture this mood there will be:

• Tarot readings from Madame de la Cartomancer and her team of seers

• A live magic performance from The Great Norvil and his vintage-inspired act of perplexing tricks and thrilling feats of the impossible

• The Irrepressible Mr Flay with stunts of escapology and defiance of Death—he will even catch a bullet fired from a gun by a member of the audience

To keep you at your glamorous best, vintage hair and make-up team Lipstick & Curls will be running a pop-up styling salon, offering touch-ups during the event and full sessions in the afternoon before the party (email to book).

There will also be a special vintage photo studio set up so you can be immortalised in all your ghoulish glory.

Plus cocktails and food!

Candlelight Club 1920s Halloween Ball 
Saturday 26th October
Tickets: £25
At a secret location