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The Vintage Guide To London | January 19, 2018

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Book review: Vintage Glamour In London's East End

Book review: Vintage Glamour In London’s East End

New book Vintage Glamour In London’s East End brings back to life the photo studio of Jewish East End photographer Boris Bennett, featuring stunning wedding images and portraits taken from 1927 to the mid Fifties.
Bennet, who would photograph up to 60 wedding couples in one day, was renowned for his lavish sets, expert lighting and dramatic post-production style, which would make ordinary East Londoners look as glamorous as movie stars.

The around 120 images featured in the book, lovingly compiled and collected by Michael Greisman and Frank Harris, were mainly taken in the Thirties and Forties at Bennet’s Whitechapel Road studio, which was a coveted, go-to place for the local Jewish population who had their wedding and family portraits taken there.

Each image is accompanied with details about the photographed – names, occupation, family background – and so the book tells a fascinating story of Thirties and Forties Jewish East London and its people, often the children of immigrants who’d escaped the pogroms in Eastern Europe to make a new life working in textiles and tailoring.

A beautiful book that captures a moment of East London Jewish life and the aspirations and dreams of London’s ordinary residents.

Available from Hoxton Mini Press, £25