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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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A greasy spoon with style: E Pellicci

A greasy spoon with style: E Pellicci

If you’ve ever walked around Bethnal Green, East London, you may have accidentally stumbled upon a tiny pocket of living history – and you might even get a full English too!

But don’t be confused, you haven’t just stepped out of a DeLorean, you’ve walked into E. Pellicci, one of the few remaining vintage London caffs.

A social hotspot for Eastenders, students, workers, a mingling of regular old codgers and geezers, and in its time a little known gang called The Krays, E. Pellicci is the original greasy spoon but with style! In fact, its presence and value in East-end life, along with its art deco vintage charm meant that in 2005 it was recognised as a Grade II Listed building by English Heritage.

Around 2000 Italian cafes and parlours opened up across the UK after the Second World War, but E. Pellicci was among the few who pre-dates this, first opening in 1900. Not many of these cafes are still in business, being forced out by corporate chains, but the ones which remain, do so because the fundamental ethos of these cafes has not changed. Warm, friendly, familiar places, regulars have grown old in these cafes, decades have come and gone, and the staff are always there with a coffee and some gossip.

And while the corporate chains may try to capture the ambience of these places in a can to be sprayed around their various branches, places like E. Pellicci will always remain emblazed on our cultural memories.

Where else can you see what English Heritage called a stylish and architecturally strong building, with a rich deco-panelled interior still so intact? Where else can you experience a 1946 refit combining art deco marquetry, stained glass, sepia family pictures, an Expressionist-style logo on the floor, and a Catholic shrine behind the bar? E. Pellicci is an open window to the glory days of now vintage cafes, and one which should never be shut.

Plus the food is pretty amazing too!

E Pellici
332 Bethnal Green Road
E2 0AG –
Open Mon-Sat 6:30am-5pm

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Nearest Tube: Bethnal Green

Vintage rating [rating=6]