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The Vintage Guide To London | February 24, 2018

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70s Pop Up Restaurant: Abigail’s Party

70s Pop Up Restaurant: Abigail’s Party

For your fix of 70s culinary treats head to Abigail’s Party, a 70s themed, five course pop-up dining experience, combining food, theatre, music and set design.

Inspired by Mike Leigh’s play of the same name, Abigail’s Party will see set designer Alice Hodge transform the iconic Rose Lipman Centre into a 70s living room, complete with lava lamps, hostess trolleys, shag-pile rugs, loud wallpaper, jazzy sofas, drinks cabinets and every shade of beige.

Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr will present food classics from the era, but with a twist. Her take on a prawn cocktail may look like it’s come straight from Fanny Craddock’s fridge, but will tingle the taste buds with its subtle, infused Thai flavours. As you toy with a Twiglet while gazing at your companion over a half grapefruit spiked with cheese and pineapple chunks, prepare to re-discover the magic of mousse and the fun of fondue. Although the food may look retro, you can expect bold, zesty flavours and truly innovative cooking.

So, shake out that dralon dress with the plunging neckline, slap on the eyeliner, press those flares, unbutton your shirt to the navel, slip on the heels and head to the Rose Lipman Centre (just a few minutes’ walk from Haggerston overground station) to be transported back to the 70s.

 Abigail’s Party

The Rose Lipman Building,
43 De Beauvoir Road,
London, N1 5SQ

Tickets: £55 includes a five course meal and a welcome cocktail

11th – 14th March
18th – 21st March
25th – 28th March
1st – 4th April
7.30pm – 11.00pm